Show Team Profile

This week I am on the Microsoft Campus for the MVP Summit. Last night was Product Group Happy Hour, when we get to chat with the Product Teams and give feedback on the product. They are always so nice and eager to hear from us.

Last night I was talking to two people from the Azure Boards teams. I told them how much I like the new boards and I love the Show Team Profile feature. They were so excited about this, in their minds no one ever used this feature. This is a great navigational tool in Azure boards, and I promised to blog about it so others would know. 

When you are looking at anything to do with a team, Backlog, Board, Sprint there is an icon to the right of the team name. 


Clicking on this icon takes you to a pull out at the right of the browser with links to other areas of Azure Boards for this team. As you can see from the screen shot below I get quick navigation to Boards, Backlogs, the Current Sprint, Dashboards and even a list of team members.


Also if you click on Team Settings it will take you to the Team configuration page under Project Settings.


Thanks Rebecca and Team!