Migrating from TFS to Azure DevOps from behind a corporate proxy

If you're behind a corporate proxy and trying to migrate TFS to Azure DevOps using tfsmigrator.exe command, then most likely your tfsmigrator prepare command might fail with "AAD Timeout Exception" exception. This error means that the requests to AAD to find the matching AAD identities for users in your collection timed out. TfsMIgrator troubleshooting guide has a number of solutions that you can try to mitigate the issue. Depending on your environment those solutions might not work. At the moment, another possible solution is missing from this troubleshooting guide. This is what this blog post is about.

Another reason for AAD Timeout Exception is that you're running behind a corporate proxy. If you are using an outbound proxy for connecting to the Internet, the following setting in the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Config\machine.config file must be added. This text must be entered at the bottom of the file. In this code, represents the actual proxy IP address or host name.











So, update your machine.config file, re-launch your command line and try tfsmigator prepare command one more time. It should work this time. Hope this helps.