Pasting into Office365 OWA causes OWA to crash and close

I love Office 365 and Outlook Web Access. What's not to love?!? Excellent product with tons of amazing features for a very fair price. J Having said that, like any other good product, it can always get better. For example, I have noticed that every time when I try to copy/paste anything into the body of the email message, OWA crashes and closes with an "IE has stopped working". It closes and then recovers back to the same page. When you try to paste again, the page crashes again, and so on and so forth. This only happens when you use Internet Explorer, and copy/paste works fine in Chrome. I can always say that it's happening because "IE sucks" like a lot of people do, but I'd rather focus on finding a solution than who/what is to blame. Anyways, with a bit of internet searching I have found a work around.

  1. Go to Internet Options
  2. Click  the Security Tab
  3. Highlight the Internet zone, click Custom level button
  4. Scroll down to the Scripting section, and in the Scripting section, find Allow Programmatic clipboard access option
  5. Set Allow Programmatic clipboard access option to Enable
  6. Click OK to save
  7. Click Yes, if warning prompts comes up

Now copy/paste into the body of an email message should work just fine when you open OWA with Internet Explorer.