Replace a string in a file with PowerShell

I have wanted to expand my PowerShell skills for some time, however I find it a steep learning curve. One thing I am learning is the result is worth it.

I recently needed to replace a string in a file. I searched a found the working parts I needed create this. I just wanted to post it here so I know where to come back and find it.












(Get-Content $FilePath) |

Foreach-Object {$_ -replace "$OldValue","$NewValue"|

set-content $FilePath


A wonderful addition to this is you can even pop regular expressions into the $OldValue.


(Get-Content MySSAS.deploymenttargets) |

Foreach-Object {$_ -replace "<Server>(.*?)</Server>","<Server>__TargetDataBase__</Server>"}  |

set-content MySSAS.deploymenttargets