Release Management for Visual Studio custom training and more…

Over the next month, I'm planning to write a custom one day course on Release Management for Visual Studio. Here is a draft course outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Release Management for Visual Studio

  • An overview of the features of Release Management
  • How to reduce the risks and costs associated with releasing software
  • A look at the Build-Deploy-Test-Release process

Module 2: Installing and configuring Release Management for Visual Studio

  • Installing and configuring the Release Management Server and Client
  • Installing Deployment Agents
  • Configuring roles and permissions in Release Management

Module 3: Configuring Release Paths and Release Templates

  • Defining servers and environments
  • Configuring release path stages
  • Understanding release templates
  • Setting up a deployment procedure for each stage
  • Configuring a build definition to use the Release Management process template

Module 4: Release Management Execution

  • Use of Token
    • Tokens description
    • Token replacements
  • Execution of a Full Release Cycle
    • Trigger manual release
    • Approvals
    • The deployment log
    • Audit and history
  • How to Approve a Request
    • Release Management console
    • Notifications
    • Release Management Web client
    • Deferred deployment
  • How to Release from TFS
    • Configuration of a build definition to use the Release Management Default Template
    • Configuration of an Application Version to allow triggering a Release from the Build
  • Debugging a Deployment
    • Internal logic of a deployment
    • Different logs available


The course will be available for public and private training at the end of July 2014. After writing this course, I'm planning to author a more comprehensive three day DevOps course where we will cover TFS Build server, Release Management, and Application Insights from Microsoft Azure. Three day course should be available around September 2014.

If you're interested in these courses, please contact ObjectSharp training at 416-649-3690. J