Error while migrating from Visual Studio Online to an on premise TFS

As I'm sure we all know, Visual Studio Online has gone to general availability recently, which means that very soon you will have to pay to use Visual Studio Online. We all knew it was coming… and now you might have to make a decision whether you should stay in the cloud or whether you should move your TFS to your internal network. To be fair I think that, in some cases, it could be very well worth it to pay for hosting TFS in the cloud instead of hosting one internally. However, in some cases it might be cheaper for customers to host TFS internally. Those users need to move TFS content from the cloud to on premise server. Kudos to Microsoft for providing an easy to use Data Export tool (see for more info) to migrate your Visual Studio Online contents to on premise TFS server. I wish they made that tool available permanently to users, instead of just for a short time… but I'm not complaining.

Anyways, for the most part this is a fairly to use tool and it worked just fine every time I use it. But once I got the following error: "TF400711: Error occurred while executing servicing step download bacpac from azure storage for component cloudimport during cloudimport: the remote server returned an error: (403) forbidden", trying to migrate Visual Studio Online contents to on premise TFS server. In my case, this error was caused by a simple fact that my export package created in Visual Studio Online has simply expired. I forgot that the package is only valid for 10 days, and gets deleted from Microsoft servers once expired. So, simply start export process again in Visual Studio Online, get a new export package, and run TFSCONFIG CLOUDIMPORT command again using new export package.