AppFest Contest Results

Hopefully most, if not all, of you will be aware of the AppFests that ObjectSharp ran in conjunction with Microsoft between September and December of last year. If you had the joy of attending, you would definitely be aware that by submitting apps to either the Windows Phone Marketplace or the Windows Store, you would have a chance to win either a Surface RT or a Nokia Lumia 920. Well, it has taken a while to get the submission information (and thanks to Jonathan Rozenblit for his help), but we have gathered up all of the apps that were submitted, calculated the entries and found our winners. They are as follows:

Surface RT Winner: Tom Walker (Orange Crush)

Tom submitted nine apps and the following is one of his better reviewed ones

Short Cuts - Life is to short to waste time trying to find your phone settings. Short Cuts enables the user to quickly access their phones wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode and cellular settings

Nokia Lumia 920 winner: Gordon Lo (13 Sides)

Gordon submitted a total of 8 apps and the following app received 4 stars over 17 reviews

My Business Card - My Business Card is a simple, fast, and lightweight way to share your contact information using a QR Code. This app encodes it as a MeCard that is compatible with virtually all QR Code scanners out there. Share quickly, and share easily with My Business Card.

Finally, just so you have a sense of the volume of apps produced through the AppFest engine :), we recorded a total of 107 Windows Phone apps and 49 Windows Store apps. Not bad, but I know you can do better. If you check out the Developer Movement web site (, you can see how to sign up, submit your apps and win some cool prizes.

I will profile a number of the other apps that were created through the AppFest process over the next few blog posts. If you’d like to receive some publicity for apps that you have built, feel free to drop me an email with a link to your store or marketplace page.