Test Configurations


I’m sure you have noticed that when you create a new TFS project in 2010 there are a couple of default Test Configurations created.

Operating System - Windows 7
Browser – Internet Explorer 8.0

Like most people you will go into Test Manager and add the configurations you really need. Then you create another project and those default configurations are back. Unfortunately there is no way in the UI to add the configurations you added in the first project to other projects. Not without writing some code.

However if you look at the process template those defaults are in there, however they are not made available for edit through the Process editor UI.

Of course you can edit the file, and add your Test Configurations manually. The file you are looking for is testconfiguration.xml and it can be found in the Test Management folder of the downloaded process template.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <TestConfiguration name="Windows 7 and IE 8"
                        description="Default operating system and browser for testing" state="active" isdefault="true">
                        name="Operating System" value="Windows 7" />
                        name="Browser" value="Internet Explorer 8.0" />

If you want to add test configurations to a new project edit this file in your process template first. The defaults you put in here will be created in your new project.