Microsoft Test Manager and Infragistic Controls

If your developers are using Infragistic controls and your using Test Manager you will not be able to create action recording. Jeff Levinson advised me that:

“Playback won’t work with the infragistics controls (unless it is a web app because MTM actually works against the DOM in a web app and not against the controls directly). The Infragistics controls won’t be recognized if you try to add them to a UIMap (again – unless this is a web app) because they don’t support the interfaces to allow MTM to interrogate the control.”

You can however play around with the Coded UI tests. A client I recently worked with was able to create CUI test recordings and play them back where Infragistic controls existed. Note this was not using action recordings to create.

If your development team is using Infragistic controls please contact Infragistics requesting they add the interfaces to allow MTM to interrogate their controls. Telerik at this time is the only company that has added support for their controls and MTM.

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