Microsoft Test Manage MTM– test run pausing and resuming

Questions about the ability to pause a test case during execution then restart it has come up in discussions a few times. Thought I would share that it can be done and how.

In the Test Runner you click the Pause button…


In the Test Runner next click the Return to the Testing Center icon…


Once back in the Testing Center in the window header will be a new icon that when clicked returns you to the Test Runner ….


Clicking the Return to Test Runner icon opens Test Runner with a Resume button that when clicked starts your test execution where you left off.



Closing Test Manager  will close the paused test run and set it to Failed.

During a Test Run pause, if you start another Test Case Run the message below is posted. image

Save and/or Don’t Save ends the paused test run setting it to Failed. (original test run stops)

Cancel stops the newly select test case run and returns you to the Test Center with the icon displays to resume the original test.

If there are things about Test Manager you would like to see changed add a backlog item or vote on the one’s already added. Microsoft is looking for our input on what changes people want and by voting on them how important it is to you.

A backlog item already exists for allow you to pause one test run and start another then return to the paused run. If this is important to you click below find this backlog item and vote.

Visual Studio UserVoice

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