Microsoft Test Manager & TFS – copy test cases from one team project to another team project.

In Test Manager you can copy existing Test Suites into Test Plans but only when they are both in the same Team Project. You can also create a copy of a test case adding it to a different team project but only one at a time in Visual Studio or MTM. So what happens if I have test cases that are in other Team Projects that I want to add to a new Team Project?

Shai Raiten who is a VS ALM MVP & Microsoft Regional Specialist has created a tool for this function.

The tool is a wizard that walks you through the:

1 Connection to the Team Foundation Server
2 Selection of the Source Team Project (where test case to be copied reside)
3 Selection of the Target Team Project (where you are coping test cases too)
4 Selection of migrating existing test case links, attachments, areas, iterations and even the duplication of existing Shared Steps.
5 Addition of a Configuration File that saves the migration results
6 Field mapping – the wizard checks that the target test case work item has all the same fields as the source
7 If you selected to copy area and/or iteration the wizard checks that the same data exists in the new project, if it does not you shown what is missing and expected to add into the target team project.
8 Then you get to select the query from the source team project that contains the test cases you want to copy or it may just be all test cases from the source team project. Either way the test cases from your query are displayed with a checkbox. You are required for each test case displayed to check the one’s you want copied.
9 All that is left is to click Start

If your source test case has:

Parameter’s they are copied
Shared Steps they are duplicated but not the action recordings
Parameter data it is all copied
Action recording they are not copied
History it is not copied, the new tests case will show the date and time the create was done and all the data that was copied.

If you include the coping of links from your source to your target and the link is another work item from your source team project it does not get copied into the target team project.

If you would like to use this tool email me.

Shai great tool and thanks for providing me a copy.

Testa Smile

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Pete Schwind
Pete Schwind
12/5/2012 5:00:29 PM #

I have the need to do this exact scenario. I need to copy 98 test cases from one team project to another, including Shared Steps.

This tool would be very helpful, please forward.