The Testing Planet – “Read all about it!”

The Testing Planet is available on your Kindle.

Think of me as the kid standing on the corner back in the 50’s with a newspaper held high yelling, “Read all about it”. I have downloaded my copy to my Kindle it cost 4.99US which these days is 4.99 Canadian. You can still download the PDF format or have home delivery should you not have a electronic reader yet. I’ll be reading from my Kindle on the train, on my deck (with a cold beer), anywhere I want.

Congratulations to The Software Testing Club, Rob Lambert and Rosie Sherry.

I am so excited, I absolutely love my Kindle for so many reasons. 

Did you know if the book your reading has text to speech you can plug your kindle into your car (need a USB plug) and listen while you drive. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law read a book on a recent road trip  with their kindle. Next road trip we’ll be reading.

The March 2011 Issue links: or Amazon

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