Installing new ADFS SQL Farm from Command Line

Need to do a basic install from the command line?  Here’s how:

cd “C:\Program Files\Active Directory Federation Services 2.0”

FSConfig.exe CreateSQLFarm /ServiceAccount "domain\adfssvc" /ServiceAccountPassword "SecretPassword" /SQLConnectionString "database=AdfsSvcConfig;server=sqlserver;integrated security=SSPI" /AutoCertRolloverEnabled /CleanConfig /FederationServiceName ""

There are a couple flags that might look a little odd:

  • AutoCertRolloverEnabled – This means ADFS will manage the certificates it uses.  Your other option is to specify which certificates it will use.
  • CleanConfig – In case there is already an old configuration database.  This will delete it.
  • FederationServiceName “” – The URI of your ADFS farm.