Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2

Deb Forsyth posts lots of great information about TFS and it’s related tools for the Test community. She put up a post recently about the new Feature Pack for Visual Studio.

There is one feature in this Feature Pack that is particularly useful, the Coded UI Test Editor. If you have worked with Coded UI Tests you will know, although powerful the tooling around version 1 needs some maturing. We'll it’s already begun. When you create a Coded UI Test it generates a couple of files. The UIMap.uitest  which maps methods that manipulate the UI and assertions to the application under test, and  the Coded UI Test class which is really just a test class with test methods that call methods in this UIMap object.

Prior to Feature Pack 2, to make a change to the UIMap.uitest has not been easy you would have to have a good working knowledge of .net development. However, now we have the Coded UI Test editor. After you install the new Feature Pack open the UIMap file in your test project and an editor will open that allows you to see all the methods in your UIMap rename them split them out into other methods. It will also allow you to change an assertion as seen in the image below.

This is a welcome tool when writing automated tests using Visual Studio.