Test Manager, The Story of a

I am a member of the The Software Testing Club which is a global and professional community of software testers. The community shares information through online question and answer sessions and access to test related bloggers, updates on testing events worldwide, The Testing Planet online articles, and much more. If you  are not a member I highly suggest you join. Follow the link above.

A member of the club, Rob Lambert wrote a story “The Story of a Test Manager” that I spent an hour while drinking my morning coffee reading. The story is fictional however, I bet you can relate to the main points through your own experiences as a software tester. As I read the story I wanted to tell the characters about TFS2010 but then I want to tell everyone even my hair dresser. My dogs love hearing the words TFS they think it’s a cookie!  Microsoft TFS nerd and proud of it.

Thanks to Rob Lambert for a great story.