Why Software Fails - your not using TFS2010 & Test Manager?

A colleague emailed asking if anyone had seen this article. It was written in 2005 and is very enlightening to read even today. I thought I’d post it for people to read. Click here Why Software Fails

As outlined in the article here are the most common factors:

  • Unrealistic or unarticulated project goals

  • Inaccurate estimates of needed resources

  • Badly defined system requirements

  • Poor reporting of the project's status

  • Unmanaged risks

  • Poor communication among customers, developers, and users

  • Use of immature technology

  • Inability to handle the project's complexity

  • Sloppy development practices

  • Poor project management

  • Stakeholder politics

  • Commercial pressures

Has this changed, in my opinion not enough yet. As a strong advocate of Agile and a user of Microsoft TFS2010 and Test Manger - the communications is available we just need to get better at it and share the responsibilities as a team.

Testa Smile