Security Leaks, Software Updates

[My opinions are probably different than those of my employer.  Have a grain of salt handy, please.]

Sorry, but when a twitter client starts making fun of a politically charged security issue (WikiLeaks), the problem is a bit more trivial than most people are willing to admit.


At least, from the technology perspective.  When you get right down to it, technology is not what caused the breach of classified diplomatic cables.  People had to leak the stuff.  Period.

That’s what I find so funny about the screenshot.  So many companies are bound to find an in because they can now market their product as a way to deter these types of leaks, and they’ll market it as a full solution meaning it will solve every problem under the sun.

MetroTwit obviously had their tongue's planted firmly in cheek when they labelled their update, but they made fun of what so many companies will do in the future: label their product/feature/service as a security solution.

There is no practical solution to security when people are involved.  Just lots of little fixes and maybe a little bit of planning. 

Actually, a lot more planning might solve a number of those little fixes.