Microsoft Test Manager - Feature Pack 2 is available

Feature Pack 2 is now available and includes the following: Click to Download 

  • Codes UI Test [CUIT] Editor

      • new CUIT Editor, opens by selecting the UIMap.uitest in Solution Explorer

      • click here to see Editor

  • LightSwitch applications [Microsoft]

        • tested and works well with LightSwitch applications

    • Microsoft VS 2010 Test Package for Silverlight 4
        • test Silverlight apps and other desktop applications

        • enables testing with Coded UI tests and record, playback in Microsoft Test Runner

        • data and diagnostics can be collected during runtime however, Intellitrace logs are not as of yet

        • tested to work with Silverlight 4.0 apps hosted in IE (adding Silverlight apps in future)

        • Note: read the “about” for restrictions

    • Microsoft VS2010 Test Package for Mozilla FireFox

        • enables playback and UI actions for Firefox 3.5 and above
        • enables testing with Coded UI tests (CUIT), automated Web Performance and Manual fast-forward tools
        • you can create a set of tests once and execute on both IE and Firefox from Microsoft Test Runner

    You need to download KB2403277 which can be done before installing or during the installation process of Service Pack 2.


    Click to Download 

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