The Maritimes loves TFS

If you have been reading my Blog this week you will know I am in Halifax at Techdays. I did two sessions this week one on Branching and Merging and one on Build Automation both TFS topics. 

Being in the east coast for me feels less like travelling then talking in Ottawa does. You see I have maritime blood in me. My father was born in New Brunswick and I spent most of my childhood summers here. I love the Maritimes they are the nicest people I have ever met. The two ladies who worked the door of the room I talked in were so friendly and helpful I would like to say thank you, I don’t know your names and you will never read this, but to the ladies outside room 200C2 Thanks. :)

Both sessions had a great question and answer segment at the end. The poor next presenter has been setting up both times while I am trying to get out.

After my session today I hung around in the Ask the Experts area of the conference. Even though there are about 15% the attendance of Toronto. I had 4 times the number of people asking questions about TFS. Everyone was very excited at the possibility of using TFS for source control and Build automation. Wait until they learn all the other stuff it can do.

Halifax, thanks for another lovely trip. I’ll be back.