Windows Phone 7 Apps “Double Out”

The MVPs were challenged to write a Windows Phone 7 app and upload it to the marketplace. There are of course prizes involved. :)

So I wrote one. I’m no Silverlight expert, and I have never completed a mobile app I started before.

However, I must say this was easy, and the emulator worked flawlessly. In a couple of hours I wrote a simple application that gives you a dart finish if you enter what you have left to throw.

I play on a dart team you see. This application will help you with dart finishes. In Dart games like 301, 501 and 701 you must end on a double. There are three and two dart finishes starting at 170. Many pubs have posters up that show you the best finish given what you have left to shoot. This simple application brings that information to your Windows Phone 7. Just enter what you have left to throw and Double Out will tell you the best finish.

The interface is pretty simple but getting going was a snap. I downloaded the developer kit installed and built an app all within a couple of hours. There is plenty of help out there including articles and examples. I managed to build this without reading any of it.

Now that I have this starting point I want to play with the gestures. I have done some gesture programming before for windows 7 so I am interested in seeing how it works for the phone.