TesTrek Talk Next Week.

Deb Forsyth and I are speaking at TesTrek next week.

Our workshop is on Thursday Oct. 21st at 11:00 am

Effectively Managing the testing Process Through Collaboration
Debra Forysth and Dave Lloyd, ObjectSharp Consulting

Communications is the key to the success or failure of any team, whether it’s a sports team or a software development team creating the next app. Without communication, the team members have no idea how best to direct their efforts. With communication, the team can overcome almost any challenge.  Unfortunately, ensuring that the level of collaboration required in generating success can be a difficult goal to achieve. Solid development managers have a bag of tricks that they utilize to foster communications among the different roles. In this session, you will learn some of the tricks that can be used in your own environment to create better communications across all of the team roles.

  • How can the other team roles more effectively communicate with the testing team?
  • What does the test team need to know to complete the testing effort?



Hope to see you there.