New Beginnings

Talk about a 7 year itch.

After exactly 7 years with ObjectSharp Toronto (and an additional year with ObjectSharp Vancouver), it’s time for yours truly to make her last call.  It’s not easy to leave my post after so many years at ObjectSharp.  I’ll miss my co-workers, my customers, and most of all hearing the joy in a developer’s voice when he tells me his training request was approved (the feeling was mutual J).

The great thing about selling training is that people love to learn.  It’s a pleasure to put together a training plan to help an organization skill up and achieve more.  Yes, training is costly, but I believe a greater cost savings is inherent. The return on investment is a smarter, more engaged team member who appreciates his organization’s long term investment and faith in his or her professional development.  As a result, not only does the employee’s skill set improve, but even more impactful, that team member’s willingness and dedication to make a positive contribution increases.  It’s a true win win.

Before I sign off, here’s what’s up and coming for ObjectSharp Training (and for me.)

First off, ObjectSharp Training is now New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Toronto - An ObjectSharp Company.  We’ve joined the worldwide New Horizons Training network.  New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company with over 300 centres in 60 countries worldwide.  New Horizons is not well known in Canada (yet), but they are highly regarded in the U.S., Asia and Europe.  New Horizons is Microsoft’s #1 Training Partner world over and last year they also received Cisco’s award for Learning Partner of the Year.  New Horizons’ course evaluation scores are consistently higher than any of our competitors (based on an independent third party: Knowledge Advisors’ Metrics that Matter Reports.)  That’s a stellar track record and one of the reasons that we decided to expand and rebrand ObjectSharp Training by aligning with New Horizons. 

What does this mean for our customers?  Well, in addition to open enrollment and onsite training, you will now have access to three new training modalities: Mentored Learning, Online Live, and Online Anytime.  We’re also rolling out training content in many new areas, bringing in the subject matter experts you’ve come to trust.  Finally, we’ve moved to a more convenient location for our customers on the PATH at 11 King Street West (King Subway Station).  The NHTO website is up and running on this link or you can chart your skills development path by checking out the mother ship for more info at

As for me, I’ll be helping my Dad get situated in Ontario (he’s moved back after 35 years in BC!)  I’ll enjoy some travelling with Ivan, work on a few personal projects, and enjoy the great TO scene.  Soon, I’ll be looking for my next professional adventure.  You can keep in touch via my Linked In page or my Windows Live site.

I’d like to THANK all of the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from over the years.  That includes those at ObjectSharp, Microsoft, New Horizons, and my many good natured and loyal customers.  Working with the talent at ObjectSharp made my job easy.  I can only hope that my lucky streak continues!  Feel free to contact me at and remember to keep on learning! J

Thank you!


Julie James, October 2010

Notes: August 2002 – Started with ObjectSharp Vancouver; August 2003 – Started with ObjectSharp Toronto