Microsoft Test Manager: How to manage test case/test configuration assignments …

In my last blog there where questions about how to assign or unassigned  test cases to test configurations (browsers, operating systems).

How to manage test case/test configuration assignment:

    • In the Plan Tab select a test suite then test case.
    • In the Test Suite panel toolbar click on the Configurations button.
    • The Select Test Configurations window opens where you can add and remove test configurations associated to a test case.
    • Simply click button All configurations, all test configurations you have created are added to the test case.
    • Next click in the test configuration cell to add or remove.
    • Last, click the Apply Changes button.


Whether you add test configurations before or after setting up Test Suites and Test Cases you can manage test case assignment by using the Test Suite | Test Case, Configurations button.

Note: Test Suite/Test Cases are automatically assigned to all test configurations created prior to there own existence.However, if you create additional test configurations after creating Test Suites/Test Cases they are not automatically assigned. In this case you can assign using the above steps.

Thanks to Jeff Levinson (Team System, MVP) for helping out with this question.