Microsoft Test Manager - Test Suites

The MTM Tests Suites are how you organize your test cases. There are three test suites to select from they are, Requirement query-based, the query-based, or the static based. The two query based test suites will automatically add new test cases to a suite if they meet the query criteria.

When would we use the different test suites?

1. Requirement query-based is pretty straight forward. For each requirement you have at least one if not more test cases.

2. Query-based has to include a test case category condition which guarantees only test cases are added then you can query by any field in the work item.

    •    Area Path of requirement work item
    •    Project Iterations
    •    By work item ranking or priority
  1. 3. Static test suites  are multi functional. You either add test cases to the suite manually or you add query based test suites to the static test suite. This gives you additional options for organizing the test effort. Examples:
    •       Iteration One (static test suite)
        • Requirements based query – Requirement 1
        • Requirements based query – Requirement 2
        • etc…..

Work Item Categories is new in VS2010 and as you see are used in MTM for query-based test suites. Work Items up till now had one name for example the Bug. In VS2010 the out of the box work item bug can be renamed. In MTM work item categories are used to restrict the type of work item to show in a given list. The categories are:


I am sure there are lots of different ideas as to how to use Test Suites. I would love to hear them. please add comments with your Test Suite ideas.