Test Manager 2010 (MTM) - Test Plans and Suites

Microsoft Test Manager 2010 is now available, thank you Microsoft. MTM like Visual Studio connects to Team Foundation Server where all artefacts are stored. Like the bug, test cases are work items. What else does MTM have, lots. Lets look at the concept of a test plan first. You can have one test plan to many for a project. It is totally up to you the test team how you set up your testing effort on a project.

The Test Plan documents the test effort  thru:

  • Properties: test environment, settings, configurations, assigned build, and details like state.


Test Suites: organize test cases. There are three types of test suites; one is based on a requirement, another is a query of work item fields and the third is static. The possibilities are endless.


Microsoft has taken the test plan document to the next level. You can update a test plan as test efforts change. You can copy it as a starting point for the next project. You can if needed extract the information into a word document using an add on tool. If your printing for management or auditor put it on the network and direct people to it – save the tree’s. Plus, I bet most people do not even read them.

Look out world the Test Plan has evolved.  :-)