Visual Studio 2010 At The Movies

ObjectSharp and Microsoft teamed up to launch Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 in Toronto on April 24th. I had the privilege of show casing Microsoft Test Manager 2010 (MTM), the new testing tool. With MTM you create Test Plans outlining test settings and environments, test suites that let you organize your Test Cases and assign a build for testing. If you have steps that are repeated in many test cases you can create a Shared Step. Add shared steps to many test cases however having only one place to manage these steps. When you want to test different sets of data against a Test Case parameters lets you do this. Showcasing my favourite feature Manual Testing Fast Forwarded. Hands up this test is running on its own now! Microsoft has created a testing tool that makes sense and will change the future of manual testing. Did you know that today 70% of all testing is done through manual testing? If you want to find out more about Test Manager, Coded UI Testing, Web Performance Testing or Load Testing get in touch with us.