Microsoft Sync & MyKey

I recently purchased a new car. I had been thinking about it and a deal came up that was too good to pass up. 0% financing, free MS Sync were just two of the carrots I followed into the dealership.

I bought a 2010 Ford Focus. If you are like me you might have thought the focus was a low end, small car like the chevette back in the day. :) Well I’m hear to tell you that is not the case. For a very reasonable price (I am very cheap when it comes to cars) I bumped up to the SES model. It has loads of great options. I wanted to Blog about two of them.

Cool Option Number 1: Mykey

Mykey allows me to program driving instructions based on the key that is used in the car. I can program the car so that when the spare key is used:

  • The seat belt reminder can not be turned off
  • Audio is muted until the seat belt is buckled
  • Audio volume can be limited
  • Vehicle Speed can be limited
  • There are audible and visible warnings for both low fuel and speed thresholds

Teenagers everywhere are cringing at the thought of this feature. :)

Cool Option Number 2: Microsoft Sync

I had heard a lot about MS Sync but never really knew what features it had. I have just started playing with it, but so far it’s very nice. Let me begin by saying the controls are all on the steering wheel which is a great feature. What can MS Sync do?

  • Hands Free Calling
  • You can search through Contact List, missed calls, incoming calls outgoing calls.
  • Have it read you text messages to you
  • Automatic Text message responses like
    • Can’t talk right now
    • Call you later
    • I’m stuck in traffic
    • CU in 20 minutes
    • CU in 10 minutes
    • Where R you?
    • Call me
  • Verbally search for and select music to play on your IPod plugged into the USB port
  • Charge your phone via the USB port
  • 911 Assist (I haven’t used this yet, hopefully I never have to)

I really like my MS Sync.