SharePoint 2010: Managed Service Accounts

SharePoint 2010 allows administrators to pre-configure service accounts to be used when configuring SharePoint components. This way administrators don't have to remember or lookup usernames and passwords for service accounts every time they configure a new web application or SharePoint service. To configure managed service accounts in SharePoint 2010:

  • Open SharePoint Central Administration
  • Click on Application Management | Manage Web Applications
  • Click on New button on the ribbon
  • Fill in the text fields in IIS Website, Security Configuration, and Public URL sections, until you reach Application Pool section. This is where the fun begins...
  • You can use one of already preconfigured managed accounts or create new one. To use an existing managed account simply pick one from the drop-down list. To create new managed account, click on Register New Managed Account
  • Fill in the username and password fields (Note: for some reason there is no "confirm password" field, so make sure you type the password correctly the first time.) This screen also allows you to configure Automatic Password Change schedule. Pretty neat.
  • Click OK to save newly configured managed account. Now you're back at Create New Web Application window, where you can see your managed account in the drop-down list.
  • If administrators want to pre-configure managed accounts, they can do so in the SharePoint Central Administration. Click on Security | Configure managed accounts (under General Security section). Click on Register Managed Account to configure new managed account, or click on Edit to make changes to an existing managed account.

Just thought it was a good tip to share...