Interesting Email Attack Method… Cannot Send Shipment

I’ve gotten two emails like this in the last week or so.  One was from DHL Shipping, and this one was from UPS.  Attached to the email was a zip, with what I presume to be a Trojan of some sort.

The content of the email was:

Dear customer!
We were not able to deliver the postal package which was sent on the 28th of December in time
because the recipient’s address is incorrect.
Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our department.
United Parcel Service of America.

For a moment I thought the initial email was legit, until I saw it had an attachment.  After reading it, I called phooey on it and deleted it.  Then I saw the UPS email.  I’ll have to dig through the application that came in the zip, and see what’s going on.

I wonder how this type of attack will pan out?