The Donation that Keeps On Giving

Fortunately for Canadians, signs abound that we've made it through the recession. I am truly thankful that I didn't lose my job and that ObjectSharp has weathered the storm. Still, as the cold Canadian winter creeps in, I can't help but think about others who are less fortunate.

I'm writing this blog to highlight FINCA: an international charity that is just kicking off its presence in Canada.  FINCA is very different from other charities.  It's is a not-for-profit microfinance organization that makes small business loans to the poorest of the poor: women in third world countries.   FINCA beneficiaries use their loans to start their own micro-businesses.  Do you realize that a donation as small as $50 can fund a successful business in countries like Mexico, Haiti or Afghanistan?   That business will in turn support a family and even employ others in the community.  Then, as loans are repaid, the money goes back into the system to create more loans and more independent women!   FINCA's worldwide loan repayment rate is an impressive 97% so it's a cycle of success.  Truly, your donation to FINCA will keep on giving.

If you're curious, I ask you to do three easy things:

1. Watch the award-winning video of my CEO Mike Green's trip to Uganda to see how FINCA works.
FINCA in Action in Uganda

 2. Come to the FINCA Gala Launch event in Toronto on Tuesday November 10th at 6 PM.   The cost is only $75 per ticket and this fun celebration includes live entertainment by the Jamaican/Canadian band Thompson Egbo-Egbo, food, wine, a live art auction (including a work donated by Leonard Cohen), and more!   You can find details and register for the event on this link:

3. Finally, you can Twitter the FINCA Launch Event page or email this blog link to someone you know who may want to support FINCA.

If you're already supporting a charity of your choice, then I commend you.  If you're not, please consider FINCA.   It's not a hand-out, it's a hand up.

Thanks for reading!