Access 2007 & SharePoint

If you are responsible for content in SharePoint in any way you should take a look at Access. Weather you are just updating information ongoing, or migrating information from an old site, or from other sources Access is the way to go.

I recently had several hundred items that needed to go into a list. The data was sent to me in an Excel spread sheet. So I thought I would look into the Excel Add-ins for SharePoint.  image

I knew Open with Access was an option in the list Actions menu but always dismissed it. I didn’t want to open up Access, I haven’t used that old tool in years. However with a need to insert hundreds of list items and a faint hope that using a client application to edit those lists would be a much nicer experience then  using SharePoint itself I clicked on the menu item.

You can completely manage your list with Access.

You don’t even have to log in to the SharePoint site via your browser. Open Access, then from the External Data tab on the ribbon select SharePoint Lists then Existing SharePoint List. Enter the URL of the SharePoint site, log in and select the option Link to the Data source by creating a linked table.

At this point select the lists you would like to work with and they will be added as tables in Access linked directly to SharePoint. Now that you have your list as an Access table the options for managing that data is endless.

You can update, insert and Delete using SQL Statements.

You can import data from multiple sources including Excel, Another SharePoint List, Text, XML, Word Mail merge, HTML, ODBC and more.


Trust me this is an option you will be happy you explored.