SharePoint deployment jobs are off by 3 hours

One of the beautiful things about SharePoint is that you can schedule the time when you want your solution to be deployed or your page to be published. Recently, I have noticed that on one of our SharePoint farms, all deployment jobs were off by 3 hours. Naturally, I suspect that this problem must be caused by time zone misconfiguration. Obvious, right? What wasn't obvious is that to get this problem fixed you have to make sure that your time zone settings match in three separate places:

  1. Under local regional settings on your server (Do'h)
  2. Under Web Application General Settings (in SharePoint Central Administration >> Application Management). Ideally, all your web application will use the same time zone.
  3. Under Regional Settings in Site Settings for the specific site you're working with.


I realize that this is fairly small and easy to fix problem. But I just hate these annoying little problems that interrupt my afternoon nap... now back to sleep, I mean work J