Windows 7 Programming

Windows 7 is coming and there is plenty for .net developers to be happy about.

First of all there are the managed Code API’s written by the Windows SDK team. This is a set of libraries that take care of all the interop necessary for communicating between .NET and the native windows API.

What’s included in this API you ask?

Support for Windows Shell namespace objects, including:
   Windows 7 libraries
   Known Folders
   Non-file system containers
Windows Vista and Windows 7 Task Dialogs
Support for Windows 7 Explorer Browser Control
Support for Shell property system
Windows 7 Taskbar
Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 common file dialogs, including custom file dialog controls
Support for Direct3D 11.0 and DXGI 1.0/1.1 APIs
Sensor Platform APIs
Extended Linguistic Services APIs

Download here, Read more here.

Windows 7 Gestures.

The next version of WPF will include .NET support for Windows 7 MultiTouch.

Until then Windows 7 MultiTouch API’s are native Win32 based only. However you can download the MultiTouch Sample .Net Interop Library. This Library is full of samples to help you understand this managed API.

Download here.