Getting Value from your Data

For those of you who are not on the ObjectSharp mailing list, you might not be aware that next week we have another in our Smart Breakfast series. This time it’s David Chennels talking about Business Intelligence. You can find the details out here.

Now the term “Business Intelligence” is one of those amorphous phrases that have the potential to make people crinkle their nose. It has the good buzzwords to entire management and it’s vague enough so that you can put many different technologies under that umbrella. If you’re a geek in the Microsoft space, typically business intelligence includes the OLAP and Analysis Services parts of SQL Server, maybe a third-party tool to visualize the data (if Reporting Services isn’t enough) and perhaps Integration Services.

But those tools have been around for a while. And, even though there is no licensing fee added to be able to use then, they don’t seem to have much traction, at least in the companies that I’ve been working with. So what is the reason for this lack of interest?

From my perspective, the answer seems to be lack of awareness. If you ask any managers whether more information is better than less, most will want more. If you qualify the question by letting the managers specify the type and format of the information that is presented, the percentage answering in the affirmative goes up. And yet, even though the information is already stored in the corporate database and the tools to create the desired reports are readily available, nothing is done.

And what is the solution? Education. Spend some time getting up to speed on what you can do with the tools already at your disposal. Is the creation of a business dashboard a zero-effort project? No. But it’s probably much less effort than you think. And in the current business environment, doesn’t it make more sense to find a way to use your existing resources to their fullest event? Of course it does.

So take a morning to learn about the possibilities. More specifically, take the morning May 28th and come to the ObjectSharp Smart Breakfast on Business Intelligence. Along with a good breakfast, you’ll learn about some tools and techniques that can make an immediate difference to your business. Now that’s really getting value.