Although I have been twittering, I have also been struggling with its usefulness. Frankly I don’t care what you had for dinner, or how you golfed yesterday.

There is certainly good info on the web that people broadcast that I may not have come across on my own. To date that was the driving force to Tweet and follow, for me.

However, I attended a MS event yesterday and the first speaker talked about a bakery in London that tweets when a batch of bread is coming out of the oven. Using a Baker Tweet device. The bakeries followers can then follow a link to a picture of the product and a map to the location.

I have to admit this put a new light on Twitter for me. Knowing what someone is doing right now seems pointless to me, but finding out a batch of rye just came out of the oven is useful.

Twitter is like an event broker. If I want to execute my buy fresh bread event when the bread is at it’s freshest. I just subscribe to the service and twitter sends the event publication. Twitter makes it possible for the execution of that event to be in sync with the bread coming out fresh from the oven. In the past it fired when I wanted fresh bread but that did not mean the bread was fresh.

Now that I am seeing twitter for what it really is, the possibilities are endless.