Quotable Quotes from Lang.NET Symposium

Lang.NET was just over an hour or so ago, and there are many funny and interesting quotes I compiled over the last few days. Here are all I can remember and find on twitter.

Mads Torgersen on C# dynamic: “We owe it to IronPython and Ruby to make them first class languages.”

Mads Torgersen: “Static typers put the ‘anguish in languish’.”

Keith Robertson: “I’m here to sell you something. You can tell because I'm the one with the tie.”

Erik Meijer: “C# dynamic ‘is like the needle exchange program’.”

Tim Macfarlane: “We're planning on putting [Tycho] on the DLR pretty soon.”

Karl Prosser: “When I see squiggly brackets, it feels like a real language to me.”

Jeffrey Snover on Powershell: “No prayer based parsing.”

Lars Bak: “It’s good to have a slow compiler because that gives you job security.”

Joshua Goodman: “The way PMs fix things is by sending email.”

Erik Meijer: “I love the math - you don't need brain to do math. It’s all symbol pushing.”

Luke Hoban: “CodeDom is able to handle any language that is C#. Including VB.”

Erik Meijer: "LINQ is the solution to everything.”

Philip Wadler: “Monads aren't everything!”

Philip Wadler: “Nothing is so practical as a good theory.”

Erik Meijer: “Because of reflection, every language on the CLR is dynamic.”

I’ve enjoyed myself at Lang.NET and found the people and content are brilliant. I’ll definitely be back again next year. Kudos to the guys who helped set these up.