MIX ‘09 Keynote – Part 3

Some additional Silverlight 3 improvements that are being announced.

  • Data Binding improvements, specifically element-to-element bindings
  • Validation error templates, although there is no support for the IDataErrorInfo interface
  • improvements on the ability to push data from the server to the client. Conceptually, this is similar to callback functionality in WCF.
  • Introduction of a DomainServices class that is used to generate a proxy class on the client. The proxy class has the ability to track and marshal changes between the client and server.
  • Validation logic can be declaratively defined on the DomainServices derived class. The generated proxy class will contain the same validation, triggering the error template within Silverlight.

And now, the big news.

Silverlight 3 will be able to run outside of the browser on both Windows and the Mac. Security is the same sandbox model used from within the browser. There is built-in support for automatic updates. And the application can be aware of its off-line/on-line situation. There will be more about this later in the week, I’m sure.