The Patch I Didn’t Even Know I Needed

I have been working with WPF and Silverlight pretty steadily for the past 6 months or so. And thanks to Rocky Lhotka, a problem that I didn’t even realize I had has been (probably) corrected.

The problem was that occasionally Visual Studio would just go away. No warning. No error. Just disappear. It didn’t happen that often for me, but I have had awkward moments while teaching a course. Even in that situation, neither I, nor any of the students did anything but shrug, chuckle and restart. These things do happen in the world of software development. The fact that we were willing to just accept it unquestioningly is a blog post for another day.

However, while perusing my blog roll yesterday, I came across this post from Rocky. It talks about a hotfix for a problem that causes Visual Studio to just disappear. Way too coincidental. A quick download and, hopefully, I’m inoculated from this issue going forward. If you’re using WPF in Visual Studio, it’s a fix you might strongly consider.