Clearing the Debugging Tooltip

On the scale of annoyances, this is not a huge one. But the solution is so simple, that it’s worth a quick post.

Have you ever been in the middle of debugging an application and used the hover functionality to display the current value of a variable? And expanded multiple levels to find the specific property that you’re looking for? Of course you have.

But have you ever been frustrated when the debugging view obscures a piece of code that you’re interested in? So that you have to close the debugging tooltip to see the code and then navigate through the hierarchy to get back to what you were looking for? Odds are that it has happened to you. It certainly happens to me frequently enough.

Fortunately, there is a solution. While the debugging tooltip is displayed, simply press the Ctrl key. This instantly makes the tooltip transparent. And when you release the Ctrl key, the tooltip reappears. Simple and elegant, just the way all solutions should be.

Thanks to Dave Lloyd and Brian Rasmussen for the information (same tip at different times).