For the love of god, stop saving my Internet Explorer session!

There is a relatively new feature in IE that reloads your session if IE gets unstable.  A godsend for poorly built pages and badly written ActiveX controls, but when I want to close the window, let me close the fricken window.


Notice the three iexplore.exe processes running?  I have one window open, and 1 tab open.  For each tab I open a new process is spawned.  For each tab I close, nothing.  For each spawned process I manually try to kill, a new process is automatically started, via this lovely new feature.  If I close the parent iexplore.exe process, they all go away as they should.  But when I try to kill one of these spawned little bastards, IE thinks it got unstable, so it tries to save the session by restarting the downed process.  Lovely.

Solutions?  Stop bitching because I’m running IE 8 beta, on Windows 7 beta, on a laptop that is slowly becoming more unstable each and every waking day.

I’m thinking I’ll buy a nice E6500 from Dell.  Or maybe an X200 Tablet from IBM…err, Lenovo.  I’ll have to make a decision within the next couple days.  I can’t stand when hardware makes the system unstable.  Just makes me want to throw the freakin thing off the roof.  Hey…that’s a pretty good idea.  Pictures to come, guaranteed!