Master page cannot be loaded…

There is an interesting bug in SharePoint Designer: sometimes when you browse SharePoint pages in the design view of the SharePoint Designer, you will see an error stating that the master page cannot be loaded. At that point you get presented with two options: either attach a different master page or work in the code view. Neither of those options actually solves the problem, they just allow you to work around it. I have never liked workarounds; I prefer solving the problems instead of working around them. J

With a little bit research I have found that the reason why my custom master page cannot be displayed in SharePoint Designer is that the default master page (default.master) has been checked out. Once I have checked in the master page, SharePoint Designer went back to displaying my master pages in the design view.

Please note that sometimes SharePoint Designer locks up the pages if you have checked out the page and then closed the application without checking in the page. So, you will have to check out the page and then check it back in. Sometimes, the only way to do is that is through the Site Content and Structure part of the SharePoint site.

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