I Hate Being Wrong...

Actually I don't.  I learn a whole lot more when I'm wrong.
From time to time I get the feeling that when I write about something, I'm just pulling it out of my butt.  I try to read up on the topics that I'm writing about, and will reference my sources as appropriate.  However, there are the times that I just write from memory, and by god, it gets me in trouble more times than it doesn't.
It's the "meant well, but failed in the process" dynamic.  What I knew, and what I wrote are two seperate things.  It's really annoying when that happens.  It might be the idea that what I'm writing sounds as if it were absolute fact, and not the ramblings of some kid.  Remember, I'm only 20!
Or maybe I need to just find a niche within IT that I can devote all my time to.  I've tried doing that with Windows Server, but I like development.  I tried doing that with ASP.NET, but I like management.  Hmm... What can I become an expert in that involves development and management?  Some may have already figured it out.  It turns out SQL Server is a good place to get a mix of both.  I wouldn't say I'm an expert in all aspects of SQL Server, but I would like to be eventually.
Which is once again why I like being wrong.  I learn a whole lot more from being wrong than I do from always being right.
...Just some ramblings of a 20 year old.