Blogging and Beer!

I have not blogged anything for the past two days. I've had very little time between key notes breakout sessions and visiting the Microsoft Booths in the Expo Hall, I could Blog and do all that but then add client work to the mix and there goes the extra time. I sat through a session yesterday and know nothing that happened I ended up catching up on email and having several conversations with people back at home via MSN.

Enough excuses, Bruce and I have split up this morning. He went to a session titled TFS: How we use it at MS and I have gone to a session put on by MS Research on PEX (More Later).

Last night was the only night this week we actually went out for dinner. Attached to our hotel is a Micro Brewery  Bonaventure Brewery  So we went and had the sampler. 5 different beers served on  tray with the type of the beer written on the matt under the glass. (Nice Touch)

IMAG0011 IMAG0012

The Stout was good no Guiness but good. The Pale Ale was as expected from a Micro Brewery. That is what I ended up selecting as a pint after the tasting. The Blond and Strawberry Blonde  were very good also light and lots of flavour. The beer of the day was good also, although my least favourite. I can't recall the name of it. :(