Windows 7 includes Touch Support

First off, I find touch cool. I couldn't really use it to do my work, but I love the possibilities for improving user experiences.

Windows 7 has built in support for touch in a number of ways. First, applications don't need to explicitly support touch in order to be used by touch. Second, the interface with touch goes beyond using your finger as a mouse. It includes the concept of 'gestures'.

This is tough to explain in words, but let me try. Say you were looking at a Word document and you wanted to scroll down. You could 'flick' your fingers down and it would scroll as if you had started to roll a wheel. This is quite similar to the interface that an IPhone has. Along the same line, you can go back in IE by 'flicking' to the left. The subtlety of the interface fits nicely with my idea of the kinds of animation that a good WPF application should have.