Windows 7 Brick-a-brack

A couple of notes on how Windows 7 will improve O/S and application performance and some additional features.

If you reduce the granularity of a timer, you can improve power consumption.

They are trying to reduce the memory and processor requirements for Windows. Sinofsky (the speaker) held up his current machine, which is a 1MHz, 1GB system on which Windows 7 uses only half the RAM when started.

A VHD can be created from within Windows (yeah!!!!!). As well, a VHD can be added to a running instance of Windows. And the machine can be booted from a VHD using the boot manager. This has the potential to be quite cool, especially for people like me who go from system to system on a regular basis.

Built-in zoom-in and zoom-out. Useful for me when I'm training.

To give you an idea of what the release schedule for Windows 7 is, the version that is available is basically the Milestone 3 version. There are still basically two steps to go. Next up, after the Milestone 3 is the Beta version, which is expected to be out at the beginning of next year. While M3 is criteria complete, in terms of performance, it is not feature complete. The beta version will be feature complete when it comes out. Microsoft is basically looking for us to use Windows 7 and provide feedback that will impact bugs fixes and the release schedule.

That having been said, there is no hard timeline for when Windows 7 will be released. The only comment beyond that was "we're sticking with the idea of roughly 3 years from the Vista release". Which, if memory serves, means that we're talking about Q4 2009 or Q1 2010.