VSTS 2010

I attended my first session on VSTS 2010. WOW! This team has been very busy. This session was geared to developers, however it was about testing and architecture features. Here are some highlights I thought were pretty cool:

  • Testing

The Tester executes a Manual Test Case (More to learn here) finds a problem and raises a bug.

Some of what is Automatically attached to the bug is

      1. A video of what the tester did.
    1. A debug Trace file (Developers can load and use to debug through the stack trace)
    2. Information on the state of the test machine.

There will be a lot less returned bugs with the reason "can not reproduce"

Another helpful view is the Test Impact View. This is a filtered list of unit tests that might be affected by your code change.

And then there was the Coded UI Test. This is a recorded test against a web, windows or WPF application. This test is built just like a unit test. However there are extra files that contain the calls that manipulate the UI being tested. You can of course insert Validations/Asserts easily using the recorder. If you are so inclined you could tweak the test because it is written in your favourite .net language. The Coded UI Test looks very good I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  • Build Server

When you check in your code it will actually shelve it with a separate version of the latest code and attempt a build. If it build ok you can check in for real. If not you can't.

No more broken builds?

  • Architect

For the architect there is a new Layer Diagram which will validate against your code to ensure developers are following the architecture as it was intended. This validation is done during the build process. There is a nice Namespace view that is appealing and lets you see how objects interact within and across Namespaces.