More VSTS 2010

The new VSTS 2010 has me so excited that I sat in on another session. Now I am sad because I have to go back to work and use VSTS 2008. :(

In 2010 you can:

  • Have multiple Build Agents on one Build server
  • Use a Workflow designer to completely Customize you build type
  • Each build can have a server and private or gated build drop location
    • In a previous post I mentioned no more broken builds. That is by using a Gated build to verify what you are about to check in will not break the latest build.
  • Another thing that helps with this is branching.
    • Branches are first class citizens now.
    • You can visualize your branches
    • Conflict Resolution is in the pending changes not a modal dialog.
    • You can now Rollback without a command line powertool
    • Because Branching is a real player History and Annotate know about it.
  • You can create hierarchical workitems.
    • User Story
      • Task...
      • Test Case...
  • Better workitem queries
    • Query across workitem hierarchy relationships
    • Query by TFS Group (Bugs assigned to everyone in UI Dev Group)
    • Compare two fields (Remaining work = estimated work)