71-432 Revisited...

On Monday June 30th I wrote the 70-432 beta exam for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance. See, the thing with beta's is that you don't find out about how well you did until about 8 weeks after the beta period is finished. I suspect I will be finding out mid-August as the final release of the exam will be towards the beginning of September-ish. So without breaking the NDA I signed here's what I've learned:

For the love of god, make sure you know the 70-431! Everything about managing SQL Server is the same, except for product feature differences...the steps are extremely similar.

Make sure you know about the new main features of 2008: Performance Studio, Resource Governor, Policy Management etc...

High Availability has changed some what. Mirroring is fully functioning. It's ready out of the box. Whereas with 2005 you had to enable an internal feature, pre-SP1.

You need to know about the different types of backup procedures: Full, Bulk-Logged, Simple.

Finally, do NOT stay up all night studying and then drink the entire pot of coffee before you take the exam...your bladder will not forgive you, nor will the examiners!

With that, good luck and have fun.