Another Reason to use Flash Instead of Silverlight

Flash content is finally searchable by two of the biggest online search engines on the internet, Google and Yahoo.

One of the biggest disadvantage of using Flash content for your dynamic content is simply because it is not searchable, and now with Adobe's new optimized Adobe Flash Player helping both Google and Yahoo to search and index Flash content, this means that there is no excuse left NOT TO USE FLASH on your web sites.

Note that Microsoft Live Search was not included in this partnership.

Now, for those enthusiastic about writing Silverlight content on the web, might I ask, what is Microsoft going to do about this? Both in its Live Search, making it competitive with Google and Yahoo to search Flash content, and also making Silverlight content searchable too. This is the biggest advantage Adobe Flash has over Silverlight now, and if Microsoft doesn't do anything about it, the web will not be convinced about Silverlight, regardless of the amount of bribing promoting they can and will do.

Adobe, we love you and thank you.

To those Silverlight enthusiasts, please get your facts right about Adobe Flash before even bashing Adobe Flash technology. You know who you are.