Live vs. Google: My Personal Verdict

About a month ago, released an update to their search engine and I took it upon myself to write down my observations of Live as compared to Google. Although the features seemed to be a pretty good leap in many areas, I concluded that the only way to see which one was better was to change my default engine to for a week or two and give it a try.

Well, it's been a month now and is still my search engine. It's not like I didn't stop using Google however. I would say that perhaps 10% or less of the time, I felt frustrated by not finding what I was looking for on and cross-searched Of those cases, I would say only half of the time, I found something useful on that wasn't found on These aren't hard numbers, just an anecdotal feel of my experience. When was my default search engine, my failed searches were likely in the same order as was's ability to result in something useful where did not.

So the verdict for me is that in the area of core test searches, the differences were negligible. At no time did I feel that's performance was slower and I always found the image, video & map search to be superior in These features alone for me are reason enough to leave as my default for the time being.

ObjectSharp is going to experiment with some ads. I'm not expecting any kind of serious traffic to come through ads on so this is mostly a research project to get familiar with their ad engine.